Veterans Transportation Foundation (VetVan) is a 501 (c) (3)  tax  exempt, non profit organization.  With the proceeds from driving seniors and people with disabilities; we provide for free, transportation to low income  veterans and a minimal charge to all other veterans and their family, for Non  Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) that otherwise would not be  available.  VetVan was formed in part, due to the large demand of  disabled veterans in need of more assistance and flexible hours than  public transportation can provide. Without our services veterans may  either not be able to get to their appointments or in many cases it may  take them several hours each way for what would be a shorter transport.  To a disabled Veteran sitting hours on a bus is simply something they  cannot do.  With your help we can ensure to continue our commitment to  caring for veterans to reach his or her highest potential for health and  rebuild physically and emotionally.

 VetVan works closely with NJ  Transit and County Para Transit companies, to service our veterans  needs more efficiently.

VetVan challenges  benchmarks in the NEMT industry.  Our high-quality service will reinvent  the healthcare transportation system within the Veteran Affairs.  This  organization hopes to employ ex-military personnel; helping veterans to  work along side other veterans.

VetVan's  values consist of transparency when dealing with donors and commitment  to customer quality.  With a qualified professional staff VetVan seeks  to raise funding of which 100%  will go directly towards transportation  of our veterans.