Marine Corps League Detachment 744:  Devoted To Community Service

Veterans  Transportation Foundation(VetVan) has been over the years and continues  to be a recipient of the generosity through donations from Marine Corps  League Detachment 744. This outstanding organization was founded in  1923 crediting its founder, World War 1 hero then Major General  Commandant John A. Lejeune. The League is the only Federally Chartered  Marine Corps .

Inspiring charitable efforts  include: Marines Helping Marines Wounded Marines Program, Young Marines  of the Marine Corps League, U.S. Marines Youth Physical Fitness Program,  Boy Scouts of America, Legislative Program, Veterans Service Officer  Program, Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Program, Marine Corps League  Auxiliary, Military Order of Devil Dogs, Toys-For-Tots, Marine-4- Life/  Injured Marine Support Program, Marine Rose Program, Annual  Conventions.   

We are honored and privileged to call the Marine Corps our philanthropy partner. 

American Legion Anthony Wayne Post 174:  Ongoing Charitable Support

"We  the American Legion Family of Post 174 have set "Our Goals" very  high.We believe in not only giving back to our Veterans who we all know  deserve it but also to our Community, State, and Nation."

                -American Legion Post 174

American  Legion Post 174 has continued their support of Veterans Transportation  Foundation(VetVan) through donations, and fundraisers.They are a large  part of our community by servicing through such programs as Christmas  Meal Donations, Thanksgiving Meal Donations, Christmas Tree Sale, and  Project 22 Challenge and many more. Please visit their website. These  successful programs have provided many opportunities  to help Veterans.  We are humbled and honored to call AL Post 174 our Philanthropy  Partner.  

Unico National: Creating A Change

Veterans  Transportation Foundation (VetVan) has received numerous donations from  UNICO National Foundation.  Their commitment in promoting their members  to be of service to the community to promote Italian heritage and  culture; to promote and support charities. We are honored and humbled to  call UNICO National Foundation our philanthropy Partner.

Vision Investments I, LLC

Vision  Investments, DBA Traveling Made Easy(TME) has been a strong supporter  through time and donations of Veterans Transportation  Foundation(VetVan). TME was established in 2008 providing charitable  rides for Veterans since 2010. In meeting Mr. John Harris, Passaic  County VA Affairs Officer, in 2012, discussion began of starting a  transportation foundation to service those veterans unable to get to  their medical appointments. VetVan was established in August 2014 as a  registered 501(c)(3). TME has provided their expertise and knowledge  within the field of Non Emergency Medical Transportation, providing  rides and assisting with incorporating other providers for veterans  transportation.  We are honored and humbled to call Vision Investments  our Philanthropy Partner.